Saturday, February 27, 2010

baf week

Yesterday I went to the last day of Buenos Aires fashion week (yay!). (I got tickets to three of the fashion shows, by basically going to the store and begging for them)
So here's what the first one looked like:
the brand is called John L. COOK. This one was one of my favorites, the show started with Ella Fitzgerald and Lewis Armstrong singing "Sweet Dreams", everyone was silent, lights were off, and the music started.
The collection was a mix between preppy and old school glam, the first thing that came to my mind was The Aviator.
red and black stripes, long dresses, flower prints...

Look at the video below, what do you think? do you like the collection?

Ayer fui al último día de BAF week (Después de insistir y rogar en los negocios) finalmente ¡conseguí entradas! Estaba feliz.
Al primero que fui fue a John L Cook, que, honestamente fue uno de mis preferidos.
El show empezó con “Sweet Dreams” (Ella Fitzgerald & Lewis Armstrong), las luces apagadas, y la música…
Su colección consistía de un look preppy (college como lo llaman algunos) con un toque de glamour (lo primero que me vino a la mente fue El Aviador –la película -)
rayas rojas & negras, vestidos largos, florals, fue genial!
miren el video abajo: (¿Qué les parece? ¿Les gusta? ¡A mí me encanta!)



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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

baf week day 1

day 1

I love Buenos Aires fashion week, or BAF Week for short. I guess it's because it's right down the block (literally), and not half-way around the world like most fashion weeks are. But it's not just that, it's that I get to see that there is also an amazing fashion industry right here.

I get to read about New York FW, Paris, FW (Milan FW, and -currently- London FW) but Buenos Aires FW is somewhere I actually get to go.. I know, it might not be the city that never sleeps, or the city of lights, but it's my city.
On the other hand, I didn't really make a lot of friends today, all the stylish fashionistas were looking at me probably thinking I was an unrespectful human being (because, the truth is, I was walking around La Rural -the place were BAFW is held- in non other than my school uniform, yup you read that right).

Anyways, I adored the decoration and the place. It's a huge salon were there are stands of different (fashion related) things. Like for instance, Instituto Marangoni (an European fashion college), Paseo Alcorta (different fashion malls), some little cafe's-lounges were people can sit and relax (drink), shops that are sell unique designer articles, different mannequins with funny and creative outfits, etc. 
Conclusion: j'adore la semaine de la mode à buenos aires.

oh and to continue with my whole crazy alice in wonderland madness, at baf week there was a stand with fashion of the movie (an alice dress, a 'rabbit' dress, a white queen's, etc...). I like, I like (they're fun and creative -and sort of sexy, what do you think?) Do you?

(arriba: las fotos del stand de Alicia en el País de las Maravillas)
A ver veamos, que nos puede llegar a gustar m'as que BAF WEEK? Leo sobre New York Fashion Week, sobre (actualmente) London Fashion Week. Pero Baf Week es otra cosa, es algo que nosostros podemos vivir acá, en Buenos Aires, algo que lo vivimos más personalmente.
Estando en BAF week, sin mucho que hacer aparte de dar vueltas por acá y por all;a (bancandome las miradas de todas las fashionistas que andaban por ahí debido a mi inoportuna vestimente es decir, en otras palabras, estaba lamentablemente en uniforme de colegio), me dirigí a uno de los stands del "Centro Metropolitano de Diseño" y créanlo o no, BS AS forma parte del programa "Red de Ciudades Creativas" (es más, fue una de las primeras seis ciudades a la que le otorgaron ese título –de acuerdo con el folleto), la chica que estaba en el stand nos conto (a mí y a mi mama) que un montón de diseñadores locales están exportando sus cosas a China (o Japón, no me acuerdo bien...) y que están teniendo un montón de éxito! eso me puso muy contenta, porque por fin reconocen el talento en donde lo hay.


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PS: I'm really sorry the first couple of images came out so small (click them to enlarge!)
PD: Perdón por el tamaño de las fotos (cliquéalas para agrandar!)

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

buenos aires fashion week

Tomorrow my official coverage of Buenos Aires fashion week will begin! I know you might not be as enthused as I am, but believe me, Buenos Aires's fashion is good, in fact (dare I say) excellent! (Okay, it's no New York Fashion Week, no fashion under tents, but it's still pretty awesome)
Believe me, you won't be disappointed at all.
promise you'll come back and visit me soon?

Mañana mi cobertura oficial de la semana de la moda de Buenos Aires comenzará! Yase que porhay ustedes no estarán tan entusiasmados como yo, (es comprensible, debido a mi alto nivel de entusiasmo) pero les prometo: la moda en Buenos Aires es genial!
Crean me, no se desilusionarán.
Vuelvan a visitarme pronto!

Love y amor!
La Dolce Moda*

PS: after the sample sales web page, I decided I was going to put more of these online. I came across this make-up giveaway: click here to participate. (clickeen el 'click here' para participar del concurso de 'des choses de femme')
There's also a contest were you can win a fendi & a miu miu bag on you tube, click here for that one (hay otro concurso en el que se pueden ganar una miu miu & una fendi, clikeen el 'click here' para participar, no te lo pierdas!)

five-year old blogger does fashion weeks front row

Monday, February 22, 2010

look out, clogs are comin'

it looks like we are going to see a lot of clogs this season ! Last fashion week, Karl Lagerfeld displayed them in his catwalk.

(last september FW- CHANEL)

What do you think of clogs? are you a fan? 
I think they're kind of interesting, they're growing on me.

Want to get some? try: for Kensie's $60 clogs


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Sunday, February 21, 2010

the barbie issue

In july of 2008 Vogue Italia published "the black issue," the editor in chief of Vogue Italia, Franca Sozzani, explained that the intention of the (very controversial) issue was a message to the fashion world about how important diversity is in fashion.

Model Jordoun Dunn (below left) said of the shoot: "It was such a fun day seeing all those great models under one roof"- it's true! Legendary super models like Naomi Campbell, Tyra Banks and Chanel Iman were all part of the Vogue Italia shoot.

One year later, july 2009, to celebrate the anniversary of "the black issue," Vogue Italia printed "the barbie issue." This issue is basically a celebration towards black barbies (in 2009 Barbie celebrated 5o years of life - although the francie barbie was created in 1967-)

Click to view image Click to view image FRANCIE

the editor in chief of Vogue Italia explained this issue: "Barbie has been an icon for whole generations which is why I really wanted to give a strong sign in step with the times, and dedicate the anniversary issue to Black Barbie"
I am a huge fan of Vogue Italia (I absolutley loved the photoshoots of Rihanna and Dakota Fanning), and I love what they do, I really do. I think it's very inspiring to try to change the fashion world, and especially when it comes to diversity. Are you inspired by Vogue Italia?

( Above the pics of Rihanna and Dakota at Vogue Italia, -note the eyebrows- I know they're a bit extreme, but I like 'em)

Let's talk about Barbie again, and her amazing designer gowns:

In order: Givenchy - Badgley Mishka - Zac Posen - Burberry - Carolina Herrera - Versace - Juicy Couture

In conclusion,  not only does Barbie get dressed by over 70 top name fashion designers, and has worn one billion pairs of shoes but she gets to go to fashion week and appear in VOGUE!
Barbie turns 50 with a catwalk show in New York
(I know, we can't stop talkin' about Jourdan)

"New York Fashion Week with a catwalk show, which saw life-size dolls including Jourdan Dunn take to the runway in special creations from everyone from Vera Wangand Monique Lhuillier to Alexander Wang andRag & Bone. "

To view articles of Vogue about Barbie click below:

 I hope you liked the post,
come back soon!


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To add to my love for flowers and alice, I just read on a very amazing fashion site: (actually it's a magazine that was recommended by a fellow blogger Sugar and Blush- check her out!- )
" DUJOUR is an indie mag created for the independent gal who doesnt take fashion too seriously and simply needs a good read on rainy Sundays. And just like those pink cupcakes, DUJOUR Magazine is known for leaving you wanting more, and more…and more!"

Okay, so I found this picture and immediately I thought of posting it. It's beautiful. And I find it sort of peaceful, fairy like and inspiring

and some more:

Do you like 'em?


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my latest obsession

My sister came back from the states and, of course, she brought a stack of magazines with her. And from that stack the one I kind of stole was the shiny Marie Claire .(not only because it was shiny-great touch, right?- but because it had pastels & Jennifer Garner+Jessica Biel, which since Valentine's Day movie, I like, they're pretty funny and pretty normal) So obviously, everywhere I go I take Marie Claire with me. I think by now I've officially read it 10 times.
I really had never realized how great that magazine is. I adore it!

Which magazine is your favorite?

Oh and speaking of my sister's trip she bought me some goodieeeeees!

From down to top: Hershey Kisses- h&M shiny dress - H&M skirt x 2 - my personal favorite: Urban Outtfiters red dress

So what do you think?


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