Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The styles we cherish

So, lately I've been researching a lot of movies that have inspired fashion, and I came across this movie: Annie Hall ('77), starring Diane Keaton&Woody Allen (who also directed the movie).
Diane Keaton has a quirky, cute and boyfriend-y style, “New York chic” (mm.. I like that )

Below, I added some pictures from the movie:

Today we can see this looks in fashionistas like Kate Moss and Mary-Kate Olsen. Need I say more?


You can get the Annie Hall look by basically buying from the Mens department, so that the clothes are a little baggy on you.
What you need are a (white) chemise, a tight (sort of) vest & some wide-leg low-rise pants. (or like Kate, -Am I on a first name basis with Kate Moss? No.- Moss, you could wear them with just regular shorts). Oh and I think flats will do.

à bientôt,

La Dolce Moda*

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  1. Beautiful photos and gorgeous styles
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