Monday, February 15, 2010

Andy Warhol's Mr. America

The Malba Museum

Today I went to a guided tour of Andy Warhol's Latin American exhibition Mr. America. The exhibition took place in Malba (Buenos Aires' Latin American museum of art) -which if you ever visit Buenos Aires is a must see! The Malba is a relatively small museum.

Back to the tour, there was this one kid that kept saying "He just changed the colors&backgrounds and made a fortune", and the truth is, yes he changed the colors, but it's not just that, he represented consumerism, and at the same time he sort of laughed about it, (which is what I love about him). He started a trend, he started what we now know as pop art.

Looking at all of Warhol's work, I remembered that once last year I had studied pop art, this is part of my art book:

(my own version of consumerism: the Kinder chocolate bar-my obsession)

To be honest, the thing I liked the most was a wall that had six close-ups of Jackie Kennedy with a blue background. You could see all of the different stages in her life, for instance: the first one, a big smile on her face and a wedding veil. Another one had her face completely blank, not even a trace of her smile, and you could see in the back, the shadow of a police man.
I don't know why, I just really liked it. I think it represents the lives of all the famous people out there - consumerism (as with Jackie) we see them go through it all, people are basically following other people, every single place they go and step they take, which is a bit insane.

The Jackie .K wall was something like this:
Sixteen Jackies, Andy Warhol

What do you think?

Which one is your favorite Warhol piece?

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