Sunday, February 21, 2010

my latest obsession

My sister came back from the states and, of course, she brought a stack of magazines with her. And from that stack the one I kind of stole was the shiny Marie Claire .(not only because it was shiny-great touch, right?- but because it had pastels & Jennifer Garner+Jessica Biel, which since Valentine's Day movie, I like, they're pretty funny and pretty normal) So obviously, everywhere I go I take Marie Claire with me. I think by now I've officially read it 10 times.
I really had never realized how great that magazine is. I adore it!

Which magazine is your favorite?

Oh and speaking of my sister's trip she bought me some goodieeeeees!

From down to top: Hershey Kisses- h&M shiny dress - H&M skirt x 2 - my personal favorite: Urban Outtfiters red dress

So what do you think?


La Dolce Moda*


  1. i like the second skirt
    bye x

  2. I have the second skirt! i love that dress!

  3. The flowered skirt is very cute! I like it!
    And you gotta love the shiny dress...
    But I looove the pastel-colored kisses...


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