Friday, February 19, 2010

preppy with a pop

Tommy Hilfiger, not only the last fashion show of fashion week, but the last one that is going to be held in the tents.

This is the first time Peter Som consulted on Tommy Hilfiger, it shows, since it was much more colorful and (dare I say) edgier than all the past collections. Hence the title of the collection "preppy with a pop"
The collection was sort of inspired by a young Katherine Hepburn and as Hilfiger himself saidd: “East Coast pedigree with a whole lot of sass.”

I love how this collection is still true to its name -Tommy Hilfiger-, it does have the ensambles& the trench coats it usually has, but also the balloon sleeves& leather boots (obviously, what Mr. Som pitched in). It's sort of a classic yet young kinda look. I like it.
Do you?


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  1. hilfiger is the greatest :)
    love the blog!
    stop by mine some time xx

  2. it is kinda different, but hilfiger is always great(=
    stop byyyy my blog!

  3. Love hilfiger & the collection


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