Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentino now & then

VALENTINO, what can we say about him? he's a 78 year old fashion designer, now retired (his last show was in Paris at the Musée Rodin on January 23, two years ago, in 2008).

I currently realized how much I ADORE his work! I was watching FTV, a documental on Valentino and his last runway shows. The thing I love the most is how you can be watching his runway show and you can say "I can wear this every day for the rest of my life", because his clothes are wearable but at the same time they have that "couture" twist (I'm talking about the collections Valentino himself designed, the current ones are a little bit more edgier, hence the title "Critics Call Valentino Couture ‘Cool’ But ‘Trying Too Hard’" of an article from the NY magazine- -)

Valentino then (by Valentino)

Some looks of the 01/23/2008 catwalk:


I have to say, the pastel colors are a-ma-zing! and that HAT, I'm in love! also, I am a huge fan of all this little ensambles.
Words that come to my mind:

Valentino now ( By Chiuri and Piccioli)

the Spring/Summer 2010 catwalk:


I kinda feel like the 'essence' of Valentino is lost on this outfits. The classical style has been replaced with a much more futuristic one. Though I did like the bows and I enjoyed the attempt of au vant garde -ness.
I can understand now the nymag article's title: "Critics Call Valentino Couture ‘Cool’ But ‘Trying Too Hard’" where they even compare this collection to Avatar (yes, the movie). What I can't fully understand is the eye-wrap?

I know some people support the ideas that Chiuri and Piccioli have of taking this brand into a new direction, but I just can't understand why. The brand has a fantastic history of being simple and classic, romantic and feminine, and I must say, I adore those qualities, so I just can't understand why anyone would want to change it into something so opposite and different (although I know times are changing, they could at least keep an essence of it)

What do you think? Which Valentino did you enjoy the most? Now or Then?

Talking about Valentino, did anyone get the chance to watch Valentino: The Last Emperor , is it any good?

The New Valentino Documentary Is Amazing


La Dolce Moda*

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