Monday, March 22, 2010

best spice girl looks

who didn't love the beautiful and spicy SPICE GIRLS?
I know I did. I wanted to grow up and be one of them!

I recently came across an article that described the Spice Girls costumes:

The Spice Girls' lavish tour costumes have been created by world-famous designer Roberto Cavalli. The outfits that they wear on stage highlight the strong, glamorous image that characterises the band, while Roberto has interpreted the personality of each Spice Girl in his unmistakable signature style.
Spice Girls costumes

Spice Girls Now
the return of the spice girls tour (designed by the fabulous Roberto Cavalli)

Spice Girls then:

Don't we all just love the Spice Girls outfits? 
CHECK OUT THOSE SHOES! And I love Geri's union jack dress. 
I love how they're always constant to their looks: Geri is always wearing flags, Scary's always got leopard/animal prints, Sporty wears gym clothes, Baby cute little dresses and Posh leather/tight black dresses.

Very consistent.


La Dolce Moda*


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