Saturday, March 20, 2010

did you know?

Carla Gebhart, Tati Cotliar, and Antonella Graef. predicted that the
next "model craze" will be Argentina! Oh my gosh, that's us! ;) yay! GO ARGENTINA!
First Brazil, then came the dutchs, and now US!
it appears that supposedly Argentina will be next!
are we all happy or what?

Jimmy Choo made shoes that light up when you dance! and you can have 'em of you're willing to pay $2500.
It's a good idea, but really, how is going to pay that much? I mean I know a couple of celebrities can afford it, but high fashion should also be available to non-celebrity clients.
But, I have to say, they are pretty cool!

Would you wear them?
Jimmy Choo Made $2,500 Shoes That Light Up


La Dolce Moda*


  1. I WOULD WEAR THEM. If I didn't go bankrupt : ( Maybe he'll make another diffusion line of H&M and make cheap ones like that!

  2. I would LOVE to wear them ... at least once!


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