Saturday, March 6, 2010

house of deréon

Beyoncé's new ad campaign for House of Deréon (a brand owned by B herself & her mom, Tina Knowles) and they are absolutely chic!
This is what I love about celebrities, they are a franchise, they ve got the perfume (in B's case: Heat), the records, the -fashion- label, and eventually they open cosmetology schools (B just opened yesterday a cosmetology school in Dumbo New York), etc.

La nueva campaña (primavera 2010) de Beyoncé para House of Deréon (una marca de Beyoncé y su mamá: Tina Knowles) han salído, y son absolutamente chic!
Esto es lo que amo de las celebrities de Hollywood, ellos/as no son sólo un nombre, son todo una franquicia. Tienen el perfume (en el caso de B, Heat), los CDs, la marca de ropa, etc.
Que piensan?

Algunas de las fotos can-che-rísi-mas:

Some of th beautiful pictures:

Beyonce 003 Beyonce: House of Dereon Spring 2010 Photoshoot

Beyonce 002 Beyonce: House of Dereon Spring 2010 Photoshoot

Beyonce 004 Beyonce: House of Dereon Spring 2010 Photoshoot

Beyonce 005 Beyonce: House of Dereon Spring 2010 Photoshoot

Beyonce 001 Beyonce: House of Dereon Spring 2010 Photoshoot

What do you think? Do you like this pics? I love the first one, (which actually looks more like a beauty shot than a fashion ad, but still it's so PRETTY!) and of course, the girl knows how to strike a pose! there is no doubt about that. Fierce, just fierce.

¿Qué piensan? ¿Les gustan las fotos? A mí la que más me gusta me parece que es la primera, el color le queda buenísimo y aparte muestra su piel perfecta. ¡Obviamente que Beyoncé sabe como posar!

To read more about the House of Deréon CLICK HERE (clikeen al lado para ingresar a la página web de House of Deréon)
And to view all the celebritie brands out there,- CLICK HERE (clikeen al lado para ver todas las marcas de ropa de las celebrities)

Chau chau,

La Dolce Moda*


  1. beyonce beautiful as always!

  2. Goodness, Beyonce is truly fabulous, and i agree with you, the first picture is just stunning.

    The last picture is a little weaker than the others, but still god damn fine.

  3. AMAZING photos, I love the way the clothes move. Lovely materials and patterns
    xx. Peach Princess ♥

  4. wow, is this Beyonce? I love the effcts of the fourth photo.

    I'm a follower girl, pls follow back. Thanks :)

  5. thank you all so much for commenting!
    come back soon:)

    Definitely going to visit all of you


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