Tuesday, March 2, 2010

models design

It seems like modelling isn't so time consuming. So models are deciding to branch out and start desiging.
At least two are.

Jessica Stam is going to collaborate with Rachel Roy, to create a capsule collection (macy's), which will be shown at the October New York Fashion Week. I'm excited! I love Jessica Stam's fashion, and I think she won't disappoint!

Also, Agyness Deyn is teaming up with Barney's Japan to design 11 items, her collection will debut on March 13
A small preview:
A look by Agyness Deyn for Barneys Japan

Do you think models should stick to modelling? or are you in favor of models designing?

La Dolce Moda*


  1. I think models should stick to modelling...why not?

  2. Models should stick to dating. What's a "capsule" collection?

  3. i think some know what they're doing. agyness may be one of them.



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