Sunday, March 21, 2010

the september issue

I just finished watching the september issue and I absolutely loved it!
if you haven't seen it yet I totally recommend it! a definite MUST.
why is the 'september' issue so important?
even if you're not that interested in fashion you MUST see this!
it really is fascinating. I adored all of the editorials they did (the color blocking one -the one with the camera guy BOB jumping- the JEAN PAUL one.) Grace Coddington is a true and utter artist. She comes up with all of this outfits, sceneries, she even dresses all of the models. UTTERLY FANTASTIC!
Here's what the nytimes said about her:
It would be simplistic to say that Grace Coddington, creative director, is the "real" reason for the success of vogue. She is truly is inspirational, nurturing, and down to earth. She is an emotional romantic whose beliefs infuse and shape in her work.

It also went on location, that is to say, they traveled all around Europe for different meetings, shoots, etc. So impressed. So amazed. (so jealous!)

I adore Vogue, and really this documentary was just great

another vogue must is the TEEN VOGUE HANDBOOK!
It's like a teenagers guide to fashion, it's got some of the most influential models/designers/photographers/stylists/etc. & it also gives you tips about what you should do t o start your career.

what do you think? will you be getting/did you already get the TVH?
Did you see 'the September issue'? what did you think?

Love as always,

La Dolce Moda


  1. I watched the September Issue a while back, it's such a great insight into the fashion business. Couldn't agree with you more. Grace Coddington is a GENIUS. Love her work :)

    Plusss, thatnks for the heads up on 'The Teen Vogue Hand Book'. I'll be getting a copy asap! :)

    check out my blog,

  2. great blog!
    loved the september issue


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