Wednesday, March 3, 2010

v magazine

my newest guilty pleasure

recently I became a huge fan of the amazing V MAGAZINE. My obsession started a couple of weeks ago, when I was really bored watching TV re-runs, I started watching a "The Rachel Zoe Project" re-run which really caught my attention.

She (RZ) had to style an 80s themed photo shoot, and she got all these really fun outfits, and I remember her saying something like "there's no fashion limit at V" which of course is AWESOME!

Do you like V magazine? or is it too edgy/avant garde?
(would love to read what you got to say!)

CLICK HERE to check out the V shoot of Jessica Stam ("The Rachel Zoe Workout")


La Dolce Moda*


  1. i think it might be too edgy for me.
    still there were some nice shots of the Milan Fashion Week.

  2. Oh i saw this episode (I'm addicted). And yes, I adore V Magazine, it is quite avant garde but it's refreshing I think. One reads Vogue because it's ... well it's Mecca. Cosmo is for sex. Frankie is for vintage. Rolling Stone for music. And V for edgy things we wouldn't really ever dream of trying to pull off. I love your blog, so cute
    xx. Peach Princess ♥

  3. i've seen the Size Issue and i like it.

    check me out.

  4. thank you all for commenting!
    definitely visiting all of you,

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