Friday, March 12, 2010

yay first blog award!

you really wouldn't believe how happy I was when I read this, Cheryl Clarke from (Oh To Be A Muse) has given me a 'sunshine' blog award- (thank you so much gurl! your blog is AWESOME!)

Thank you so much Cheryl!

the rules:
1. post the logo on my blog
2. pass the award to 12 bloggers that inpire me
3. link the bloggers and let them know

the fab 12 blogs to whom I will give this award to:


  1. awww thankssss :)) love your blog!

  2. hi!
    congrats on your award! many more to come :) and thank you for giving one to me :)

  3. congrats!!!

  4. wow, girl, you're such a doll. congrats on this award and thanks for passing it on to me :) lovely!

  5. Thank you so much for the award! You have such a wonderful blog too, you deserve it ;)

  6. you're all so welcome!
    you guys totally deserve it, all of your blogs ROCK! seriously



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