Sunday, March 14, 2010

young& fabulous: Blair, Elle & Tavi

So recently I started watching juicystar07's & allthatglitters21 (for any non-youtube fans, they're sisters) videos, and they're fantastic!
I've become so addicted it's almost weird haha:)
Blair is sixteen (I think) and she does you tube make up tutorials and also regular vlogs. And this fashion week she was the youngest make up artist ever to take part in NYFW. What an honor!
She also got to meet Katherine McPhee (american idol singer- House Bunny actress). (AND SHE EVEN GOT TO WALK ON A FEW SHOWS)!
Every once in a while she does a contest with really cool prizes you should check them out.
Anyways, I love how young people (teens, like myself) are starting to be part of "the real fashion world".
Her sister, Elle, (allthatglitters21) also does vlogs, make up tutorials and she does very cool beauty vlogs

Both of them (Elle&Blair) have a sort of online shop called "GLITZY GLAM" which has make up bags, lunch bags, and all sort of things, you should check it out, it's very cool!

oh and they also had a SEVENTEEN spread

Another example of young&fabulous is TAVI, the 14 year old blogger, who does front row reviews like I do my homework, she sells t shirts, collaborated with Rodarte for Target, has a column (and appeared in the cover) of POP magazine and to top it all off she has one of the most visited fashion blogs (over achiever maybe? haha:)

These girls (my idols basically), they get to be part of the fashion world, something most of us dream about all of our lives... ;) But they deserve it, imagine how hard it must be to post a video every other day or so (and do it for two years!), or in Tavi's case a blog post (which is not that hard, but the thing is shes got an ability to describe things and be herself at the same time which is just really interesting!)

I wish some day I had an opportunity like this, (secretly I'm kind of counting on it).

Be sure to check:
click here for her NYFW videos
click here for her interview with Katherine McPhee



come back soon ;)

La Dolce Moda*


  1. I love blair and tavi! Blair really opened my eyes to the whole other world/industry of cosmetics. Tavi never fails to make me laugh! It's great that the internet could make these things possible!

  2. I wish I was even half as cool as these girls when I was their age!

  3. I TOTALLY agree; it's amazing that girls our age are becomming the new "It" girls and having the opportunity to show off their hot talent! Big props to her, and kudos to you on a good post!


  4. i know exactly how you feel! thanks for this post.

  5. blair and elle make over a hundred thousand dollars a year each.

    i dont think its that hard for them to make a video every few days for ten thousand dollars a month.

    they have an agent and are moving to hollywood soon. they are very succesful girls but they are actors and have alot of guidance and coaching and scripting from professional agents they are not "just real everyday girls doing makeup on youtube"

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