Sunday, April 11, 2010

can I take a picture? the fashion blogger

The Sartorialist's fashion blogger: Scott Schumann, recently did a fashion editorial of Vogue Pelle.
The whole shoot was based on one picture he had taken with his cellphone of a fashion blogger shooting a fashion editor. He writes:
Giovanna Battaglia (Fashion Director of Vogue Pelle and Sartorialist Super-All-Star) took this shot of Garance with her cellphone, while Garance was shooting her, and I was in the background shooting both of that clear? (..) a couple of weeks later Giovanna showed me the picture on her cellphone and asked me to do a full story for Vogue Pelle, based on the idea of the "cool, blogger girl".

A few images of the cool blogger girl:

very pretty!
what do you think?


La Dolce Moda*

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