Sunday, April 4, 2010

Mathew Williamson has gone GOSSIP GIRL on us

Mathew Williamson's window display is a GG spoiler. The window says "What did Chuck do?" and it shows a fallen Blair with a very cute white silk halter dress (the dress she will wear on the April 5th episode! which is part of Williamson's spring collection) and there's also another window display that reads: "Tune In" (who wouldn't?)

What an original way to catch the watchers' attention, and to keep people interested!

Here's what Eric Daman says about the white dress: "I wanted it to represent innocence, purity, vulnerability - characteristics that are not usually explored with Blair's character," "So the creamy draped chiffon was...[the] perfect incarnation to give a nod to Blair a la Joan of Arc or Fray Wray."

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Can't wait 'till April 5th! Definitely going to TUNE IN!


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