Monday, April 5, 2010


One for One

What are toms?
Toms are shoes (in spanish called "alpargatas"), they were founded on a simple premise: For every pair purchased, TOMS will give a pair of shoes to a child in need. One for One.

a little history:
the founder -Blake Mycoskie- started this company after his 2006 visit to Argentina, because not ony where the children not allowed to go to school (without shoes) but there are soil transmitted diseases which primarily affect people that are bare foot.

achievements so far:
Last year TOMS SHOES- donated 140,000 pairs of shoes to children in Argentina, Ethiopia, South Africa and even children in the United States.

some designs:
Women's Amiga Fleece Lined BotasLight Blue Bridgeport Linen ClassicsYellow Portsmouth CordonesRed Canvas Classics
They're so pretty! (my personal favorite is the third one. :)
What a good initiative!


oh and remember:
One Day Without Shoes

Au revoir,

La Dolce Moda*


  1. que buena onda!
    que bueno que ayude a nuestra Argentina ( obvio, tambien al resto de los paises)


  2. yeah, they're reall making shoes very comfortable. I love their wrap boots actually :)

  3. They look really cute! Do you know where they are available to buy? They're for a good cause so I might consider buying a pair! Xxx

  4. Hey!
    first of all: thanks for stopping by!
    You can go to and order them online

    good luck!


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