Wednesday, June 30, 2010

material girl blogs

As we all might've heard, Madonna and her daughter are designing a line for Macy's called: Material Girl.
And by the looks of it, it will be aw e s o m e! It will be on stores 08/03, can't wait!

So I've been literally googling to see more of this collection and I came across the official online site for Material Girl, which also happens to have a blog written by non other but Madonna's heiress/ very fashionable daughter Lourdes Lola Ciccone!

To add another twist to this fabulous collection, the you tube preview (which is also in the official site) has a model (not Madonna nor Lola), and.. we won't find out who she's till the collection premiers! Seriously I'm so curiious. My guess is she is Taylor Momsen (better known as Jenny Humphrey). So really it's perfect I absolutely love this combination of people!

What do you think!?


La Dolce Moda ;)

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  1. loveeeee Lourdes!
    so chic right?



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