Friday, March 25, 2011

Art persona: Nadia Plesner

Nadia Plesner is a danish artist. Her art is described as "The disappearing boundaries between the editorial and advertising departments in the media is a central theme in Plesner's works."

On her most popular work of art she does a modern version of Picasso's Guernica, with the title of "Dafurnica", which shows a sort of collage that contrasts the genocide in Darfur, with what was "headline worthy" at the time (Paris Hilton scandals, Britney's shaved head, dunno.. same old same old.)
She is now being sued by Louis Vuitton because of using their logo in her art piece.
I couldn't be more enraged. She is making a statement, expressing what she believes in the most striking way possible as to grab our attention, and she is right, Isn't that what art is supposed to be about? it is very lamentable that we choose to focus in what is superficial, scandals.. instead of seeing the bigger picture: people were at war and we were reading about Paris Hilton's dog? Britney's hair? It really helps us put things into perspective .
To read more about the court case click here .

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