Saturday, March 26, 2011

Buenos Aires Fashion Week: Feb

BAF Week took place in the end of February, and two days before I received a call from a local teen magazine "para teens" asking me if I wanted to cover the show. I was ecstatic. Honestly, I was so so so psyched. I got to go backstage, which was awesome, and I even spoke to some of the models (which were Brazilian, of course-> click here to see a pic of them). I sat front row, and I was blissful, seriously I was exuding happiness. Above there is just a glimpse of what that experience was like, showing the last walk of the fashion show of ComoQuieres.

I'll be back soon with the actual article!

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  1. PS: how did you get to do this????????


  2. Yo fui a este desfile! Estuvo muy muy bueno!
    me encanto la pasada de Born This Way de LAdy Gaga, fue lo mas!

    que buena suerte tuviste =che!

    un beso grande

  3. wow)

  4. nice clothes! and nice pics on flickr!


  5. thank you all for commenting!
    well actually they interviewed me last year because of a fashion course I did abroad, and so we stayed in touch.

    :) thank you for visiting my blog!

  6. I saw the spread they did on you in the magazine.. pretty cool !
    You go girl!


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