Monday, April 30, 2012

Ann He: young & fabulous

Ann He is seventeen, and she was not only selected as one of the "Seventeen's Pretty Amazing" finalists, (i.e. she is beautiful) but she has a fabulous blog in the Huffington Post (
I first saw her in ANTM's "Georgina Chapman" episode, and honestly her photographs are A-MA-ZING (I'm talking about the Hello Kitty shoot).
I always think it's so inspiring when I find someone my age that is actually doing something, putting herself out there and starting to do what she wants to do! It's really inspiring to me, and right I just want to start doing things, start trying to do what I want to do
Here's one of her beautiful pictures

to check out more of her beautiful pictures, go to:



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  1. OMG. this should go to your young & fabulous section, remember the one with the fowlers?
    Wow.. I wish I did something like that when I was 17..

    Bye! hope to see you soon
    Stephanie g


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