Monday, June 17, 2013

Balayage: the way to get ombre

I've always loved ombre hair, maybe because I'm a brunette and I've wanted lighter hair for as long as I can remember- and this was the best solution to change and get beachy lighter hair at the same time.

Balayage means "sweeping" in french, the new hair technique consists of painting your hair exactly how/where you want it.

The difference between balayage-ombre and the classic-ombre, is that the classic ombre consists of dip dyeing your hair, as opposed to the balayage-ombre is hand painting only some of the hair strands.

The beauty high website interviewed a famous New York hair colorist and said:

With the balayage, you’re able to customize your hair color by painting exactly where you want it, whether it be a little skinnier at the root to a bit chunkier at the ends to create more texture and movement throughout the hair. With balayage, you can get a ton of gorgeous looks, whether it be an ombre or a traditional highlight, there’s a lot that comes along with ombre and balayage. They go hand in hand because balayage is the technique, and ombre is the look. What’s really on trend right now is blended ombre. Something a little softer, not something as bold.

The beautiful Lily Aldridge has a subtle balayage-ombre look.

Other balayage-ombre on brunettes:

What do you think of these ombre-balayage looks? Are you a fan? 
I know in the last few years everyone has had ombre hair, but I can't get tired of it. I love the look.

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  1. I just wish I had long hair again!
    Z xx

  2. I love ombre hair & how it looks, though sadly my hair is naturally blonde, so for me to reach ombre effect is almost impossible!

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  5. a very interesting blog, I would like to follow each other? let me know

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  7. Hello^ ^
    One day (soon) I hope to dye my hair ombre.Just have to figure out a natural way of doing so.
    Anyways,I just made a post about colour-trying to understand different view point on it.Could you take a looky & tell me what you think.It's only my second post.Thanks:)

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