Friday, June 7, 2013

Dianna Agron's "You, Me & charlie"

The actress Dianna Agron is an editor, and founder, of this funny and quirky site. She writes that it started out like an artistic retreat during a promotional tour (of Glee) in Australia.

Dianna says of the name:
This is a space for YOU and ME. Our space is... CHARLIE. Again, if you followed the blog, you know that the header reads, [Dianna Agron, but you can call me Charlie.] I guess I have never really felt like a Dianna. I suppose that is because my friends and family all call me Di, babe, kitty, lamb, all those special nicknames that only your loved ones could possibly coin. I didn’t realize it at first, but it seems as if I had taken a liking to the name Charlie for longer than I can remember!
Without the arts I would not wake up each morning with the joie de vivre that encompasses my entire being. I would feel flat as a pancake.  

Lovely & inspiring words!
On the blog you can find everything from creative challenges on lightings and collages to city guides and summer playlists.

Check out you, me &charlie and tell me what you think! It's definitely a creative outlet where you can find everything from dance challenges (click here) to toy art galleries (click here). You should definitely check it out!

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