Monday, June 3, 2013

Little Mix, lots of style

I love it when you find one of those all girl-bands that you can truly obsess over...
I'm sure everyone must have heard by now of Little Mix. They first struck fame in 2011, when they became the first girl band to win the X factor (or the first ever group that won for that matter).  First of all, what's up with the UK and girl bands? Spice Girls, Girls Aloud, Little Mix. I love girl bands. I feel like shouting Girl power and posing, or riding around the Spice Girls huge tour bus with the huge flag on the side.

I love the fact that each of the Little Mix bandmates has a unique authentic sense of style, and just the chemistry of the band is so great.

Beautiful and cheerful Perrie, with the blonde or pastel-colored hair, she has a super cute sense of style but always with a grungy accessory (in many cases: the shoes). She is also One Direction's Zayn Malik other half.

Jade, is the school-girl gone bad. And you can usually find her in some kind of plaid fabric and studs.

Leigh Anne is the one that isn't afraid to take risks (neither of them are, actually), but she wears the most wild clothes.

Jesy looks great in the animal print pants and grungy cropped tee.

Talk about platforms right? Those heels are amazing. Imagine being able to play dress up or being able to perform. Anyways, repressed dreams, repressed dreams... 

The Little Mix ladies rocking the red carpet. I am loving Leigh-Anne's white gown and Perrie's matching lilac peplum dress. 

Check out the incredibly catchy Wings single, I guarantee you won't be able to stop singing it:

Here they are looking beautiful on their latest Seventeen cover :)

What do you think of the 90s inspired girl band? Who has your favorite style?




  1. I love Little Mix
    I told you I'd visit your blog Francesca:)



  2. Great looks¡

  3. thanks for your sweet comment! I'm now following :) you have a really cool blog. Have a great day, and come back soon!

    Holly xoxo

  4. I didn't know them!

  5. I love Perrie's lilac hair, it is so pretty.
    I used to like Bananrama's style and Annie Lennox was pure class.
    Thanks for following; it's a pleasure to do the same!
    A girl from Argentina, home of the greatest polo players in the world!!
    Z xx

  6. heyy! beaut blog!!
    i've just started dabbling into fashion on my blog i'd love if you could take a look and give some feed back thankyou! xxx

  7. Fab Fab post!!!lovable pics!
    Really nice blog!!!!do u want to Follow each other!?

  8. cute post, great inspiration;)X

  9. I love little mix :) they make me proud to be British :p x


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