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Scosha Woolridge jewelry

Scosha Woolridge is an Australian jewelry designer, that launched her collection in Brooklyn, 2007. She has one of the most interesting stories I've ever read, with everything from hoppin on an illegal cargo boat to the Amazons, to the fast paced life in the big apple.

Here's an extract of her story found on

In hindsight, the Scosha concept was born in 2000 from a vivid memory of a very young girl she met at an orphanage she was visiting in India. In poorer areas throughout the world, children's ears are pierced via needle and thread, where the thread stays until the ear has healed. The beautiful girl had hot pink threads passed through her earlobes and there, dangling from the loop of cotton, was a tiny gold bead. It was this use of textile being attached to the body, and combining it with a traditionally precious material, that struck Woolridge as the perfect balance. "If I couldn't take her with me, I wanted to take her ears and put them in my backpack. Unfortunately, neither of these two options came to fruition," says Woolridge.

Jemima Kirke, one of the funny ladies from GIRLS, is a huge fan of the jewelry line and says: “There’s something very tender about her jewelry.” Jemima helped her longtime friend Scosha host a presentation for her line at a restaurant earlier this month.

Jemima Kirke with the designer and Chelsea Leyland and Tall Lennox at the presentation in Soho's Taka Taka restaurante.

The pictures below showcase the latest collection:

I love the mixture between thread and metal, and the colors -bright orange, turquoise, etc- are beautiful together. Check out the rings too.

What do you think of Scosha's story? What about her collection? Do you like the pieces as much as I do?

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