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"she was and remains the only genius fashion editor"

"She was and remains the only genius fashion editor"- Richard Avendon (Prominent fashion photographer)

As described by the New York magazine Diana Vreeland was a "tastemaker, magazine editor, Costume Institute institution -- was perhaps the city's most recognizable fashion icon. A look at a life of high style -- and high drama"

The beautiful and talented Diana Dalziel ( later know as Diana Vreeland) was born and raised in the city of lights, although the Dalziel's  returned to their native New York in the brink of  WWI.

Vreeland was (and is) one of the most prominent fashion names in the world, she was from the pre-Anna Wintour era. Once married, the Vreelands lived in London until 1935 when they returned to NY.

Vreeland said: "Before I went to work for Harper’s Bazaar in 1936, I had been leading a wonderful life in Europe. That meant traveling, seeing beautiful places, having marvelous summers, studying and reading a great deal of the time."

Her work:
Lauren Baccal in the cover of Harper's Bazaar
  • 1936-1962: Harper's Bazaar
    She started as a columnist, eventually working her way up to fashion editor. She is known for "discovereing" Lauren Baccal, and even giving advice to Jackie Kennedy on how to dress.
  • 1963-1971: Vogue
    Vreeland was editor-in-chief of Vogue, where she was close with Edie Sedgwick.
    Famous quote: "What these magazines gave was a point of view. Most people haven't got a point of view; they need to have it given to them-and what's more, they expect it from you. [...][I]t must have been 1966 or '67. I published this big fashion slogan: This is the year of do it yourself. [...][E]very store in the country telephoned to say, 'Look, you have to tell people. No one wants to do it themselves-they want direction and to follow a leader!'"
  • Costume Institute in the Metropolitan Museum of New York
    Later, Vreeland became a consultant for the costume institute in the MET.

The Eye Has to Travel (2011)

Is an "intimate portrait" of the life of Diana Vreeland. A documentary that shows us a glimpse of the life of legendary Diana Vreeland. 

According to imdb:
For decades, Diana Vreeland was one of the leading authorities in fashion through eccentric self-taught skill and a bold stylistic audacity. This film guides you through this fashion pioneer's long career from her youth in Paris until she became a leading magazine fashion columnist and editor. In this medium, Vreeland challenged its preconceptions to present a new definition of beauty and vivaciousness where nice clothes were just the beginning for something deeper. Even when that vocation ended, Vreeland managed to gain a new museum profession to present clothing's history in her own inimitable way.



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