Friday, September 27, 2013

The Disney Experience

To all the incredibly nice and kind Dolce Moda followers, I am so sorry I have been completely missing in action. I had pre-scheduled a couple of posts, but I am so sorry I didn't answer any of the comments/visit all of your amazing blogs.
I just got back from visiting the magical Disney World for the first time with all of my family. We are not huge fans of theme parks, but my little siblings finally convinced all of us to go to the land were dreams come true... 

Probably one of the most amazing hotels, the beautiful Grand Floridian really made it hard for us to go to a theme park all day. The hotel has the perfect fifties-flapper-New Orleans feel, the pool was beautiful and the staff was great.

Oh and I decided I want to be a princess.
Above, Belle with the cutest two kids dressed as Cinderella and her Prince. And right, I bumped into the prettiest smiling toddler while leaving the hotel.

And I also decided I want to live in a castle (can this happen?).

Some of the incredibly detailed mosaics in the Disney castle.. I love how gorgeous the dresses are, these are all truly amazing!

My beautiful sister in the Hollywood Studios. 

Have you ever been to Disney? I honestly did not think I would like it this much! I can't wait to go back.
(Oh and I want to be a princess, who's with me?)

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  1. Amazing! It is like be in a dream there.

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  2. Ah I want to go! x

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  3. omg this is like a dream come true!! I've been several times to the park in France, but I really want to visit all of the other ones as well! Glad you had a nice time :D x

  4. Never been to Disneyland before but my mom said she wants to spend Christmas in Hong Kong Disneyland this year. Me and my brother are already too old for Disney Princesses and characters but I think it'll still be fun. You seem had a great time anyway :)

    nice post!


  5. Love Disneyland, this looks like such a magical trip!

  6. I love Disney! The most magical place on earth! Great photos!

    Xo, Delightful Sunflower


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