Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The House of Versace & Barbie Birkin (for the avid procrastinator)

The House of Versace is the latest fashion flick to grace the small screen. Although a Lifetime movie (famous for their drama-filled/soap-opera films), the film mainly focuses on the brand's journey from a small family company to the household name that it is today. Also a crucial focus of the film is Donatella's life struggles (mainly with drugs, her family, the press and her brother's death) and her evolution as the head of the brand.

Click here to check out the trailer.

Another of my favorite pastimes has been the forever time-consuming Instagram.
My latest fashionista- follow(or so to put it) includes:

Follow the fabulous life of Barbie (yes, the doll we all grew up with), a sometimes satirical -yet always funny- account of all of her fashion encounters.

The description quotes the amazing Diana Vreeland:
"I loathe narcissism, but I approve of vanity." -Diana Vreeland

From Katy Perry to Kim Kardashian and Ricardo Tisci, Barbie Birkin has an incredible repertoire of fashionistas in her pictures. Click here to check it out!

Now, to procrastinate!

What are your favorite-funny instagram accounts?
Will you be watching The House of Versace?

Thank you for reading!



  1. Me chifla.

  2. You always are up-to-date. Had no clue they were making a movie. You deserve your own column in a magazine!

    1. Dear Vee Coco,
      Thank you for such a kind and sweet comment! You have no idea how much it means to me :)
      Hopefully one day I'll get there..
      THANK YOU!

  3. Nice, Donatella is little bit different hehe

    1. Jael I agree!
      Thank you for your visit and comment :)


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