Saturday, November 16, 2013

the one and only: tuulavintage

I'm sure everyone by now has heard of tuulavintage
In case you haven't (and have been living under a rock with absolutely no internet connection): tuulavintage is a fashion blog written by the Jessica Stein, an Australian blogger that travels the globe and posts pictures of her amazingly chic outfits.

Around the globe.
The name tuula came from one of Stein's travels to Switzerland, she told the Melbourne Intercontinental:
"I had someone in Switzerland tell me that my name should be 'tuula' as it's the Finnish word for wing, and I go with the wind"

Below, some of her fabulous (and worldly) outfits:

Prints, prints and more prints..

Four shades of black.

Above, some pictures from the blogger's photo shoot with the adorably sweet Australian brand 
Cotton On in the city that never sleeps.

Click here to visit tuulavintage.

What do you think of this blogger and fashionista extraordinaire? Wouldn't you love to travel the globe and do exactly what you love?




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