Sunday, November 17, 2013

Time's 16 most influential teens

Time Magazine has just published their customary Time 100 lists for 2013, and amongst them  Time's Most Influential teens.

Some of the influential teens include:

The gorgeous sixteen year old actress -and style icon- is rightly featured as one of the most influential teens today. Hailee Steinfeld is an Academy Award nominee, and is constantly the talk of fashionistas everywhere. 
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It might be far-fetched to call her America's sweetheart, but Malia Obama is definitely an influential teen. The first daughter is stylish and poised, exuding normality like any other fifteen year old girl.

Beth Reekles, a 17 year old girl from Wales, is a published author. She first posted her novel in a story-sharing site (wattpad) and was eventually signed to a publishing house along with a 3-book deal.

All hail Kiernan Shipka! The beautiful 14 year old stars in the 60s-inspired TV show, Mad Men, as Don Draper's oldest daughter: Sally. Not only is she an incredibly successful  actress, but she is also well known for her quirky and authentic style. 
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Malala Yousafzai is a 16-year old Pakistani girl, that fought for women's rights in her native town of Mingora, where girls weren't allowed to attend school. Her activism started in 2008, when she started blogging for bbc and writing about the Taliban's influence in her town. And, on October of last year, there was an assassination attempt against Malala organized by the Tallibans. Malala quickly recovered, and with it gained international coverage and was even nominated for a nobel peace prize.

Maya Van Wagen is another teen published author. The 15-year old author published a book titled Popular,  where she depicts her quest for popularity in accordance to Betty Cornell's Glamour Guide for Teens. 

What do you think of these influential teens? Malala Yousafzal has such an inspiring story, who are you most inspired by?

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