Monday, September 30, 2013

Dolce and Gabbana: Milan Fashion Week

As I write this post I realize that no words are necessary to describe the spring 2014 Dolce and Gabbana show. One of my all time favorite collections.
A perfect balance between Italian flavor -ever-present in all the DG collections- and Grecian feeling.

The collection consisted of Grecian prints, bulky golden belts, heels decked in color and fruit, flower tiaras every little girl dreams of and beautifully realistic flower fabrics

What more does a girl dream of?

Beautiful dark tones
Different textures -from plush to lace-, short dresses, full skirts and Grecian prints.

Live like an Italiana!
Flower-y prints and loose dresses that stomehow still manage to showcase the silhouette of a woman. 

The flavors of spring
Rich fabrics and patterns, strong colors with belts, color blocking like the best.

What do you think?
Are you a Dolce and Gabbana (avid) fanatic such as myself?

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Sunday, September 29, 2013


I love writing about young entrepreneurs that started doing what they love early on, and have something to show for their young years. 

Amanda Thomas is a 25 year old Otis College graduate and full-time designer fashionista
She started her own jewelry line at 16 (in 2005), after interning for a local jewelry designer while in high school. Amanda later proceeded to broaden her experience in the fashion industry, by interning for major fashion successes like the designer Rachel Pally, two celebrity stylists and for WhoWhatWear.

The perfect collab: Luv AJ and LF, click here to see more pictures.

More pictures from the LUV AJ + LF lookbook.

Another LUV AJ collection titled RAINBOW. I love the edgy theme and vintage red race car in the pictures. What do you think? 

 LUV AJ fans: Jessica Alba, Demi Lovato and Vanessa Hudgens.

The bestsellers (and my favorite ones). What do you think? I love the gold cuff bracelets and the big chunky necklaces.

What do you think of LUV AJ? 

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Francesca♥ ✌

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Posh Spice: the style queen

Victoria Beckham
The Spice Girls singer-turned-fashion business woman (and style icon) has achieved a level of success and respect in the fashion industry, that has turned her into a living fashion legend.

The original girl band (1994-2000). Above, the gorgeous Spice Girls we all know and love (and miss..).
Is there a person on Earth that didn't watch the Spice Girls movie? Or that doesn't still refer to Victoria Beckham as Posh (and her famous line: "The little Gucci dress or the little Gucci dress")? 

Victoria, or Posh Spice as I still refer to her sometimes, started her career in fashion in 2000, when she debuted in the fashion world as a model during London Fashion Week. 

The ultimate couple. "Posh and Becks" married in 1999 and they currently have 4 (beautiful and genetically perfect) children.
They were even invited to the royal wedding in 2011.

Victoria with her signature sunglasses and sleek elegant look.

Victoria and Harper. The beautiful mother and daughter duo always look spectacular and super chic. I love the retro jeans and her classic skirt ensembles.

Runway looks from the fall 13 collection of Victoria Beckham. Sleek and modern outfits with a pop of color. Click here to see the entire collection on

Beautiful fashionistas wearing Victoria Beckham dresses.

More Victoria Beckham red carpet looks.

And finally, to resume this post dedicated to the ultimate style queen: Posh Spice, here are just a couple of Victoria's magazine cover that prove her impact in the fashion world.

What do you think of Posh Spice? Are you a fan of her edgy and sleek style?
What do you think of the Victoria Beckham collection?

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Friday, September 27, 2013

The Disney Experience

To all the incredibly nice and kind Dolce Moda followers, I am so sorry I have been completely missing in action. I had pre-scheduled a couple of posts, but I am so sorry I didn't answer any of the comments/visit all of your amazing blogs.
I just got back from visiting the magical Disney World for the first time with all of my family. We are not huge fans of theme parks, but my little siblings finally convinced all of us to go to the land were dreams come true... 

Probably one of the most amazing hotels, the beautiful Grand Floridian really made it hard for us to go to a theme park all day. The hotel has the perfect fifties-flapper-New Orleans feel, the pool was beautiful and the staff was great.

Oh and I decided I want to be a princess.
Above, Belle with the cutest two kids dressed as Cinderella and her Prince. And right, I bumped into the prettiest smiling toddler while leaving the hotel.

And I also decided I want to live in a castle (can this happen?).

Some of the incredibly detailed mosaics in the Disney castle.. I love how gorgeous the dresses are, these are all truly amazing!

My beautiful sister in the Hollywood Studios. 

Have you ever been to Disney? I honestly did not think I would like it this much! I can't wait to go back.
(Oh and I want to be a princess, who's with me?)

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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Carine Roitfeld, Mademoiselle C

Carine Roitfeld is the stylish and iconic former editor-in-chief of Vogue Paris (2001-2011).

Roitfeld started her career in fashion at the young age of 18, when she modeled for several different magazines. Not long after, the beautiful Carine became a stylist for the French Elle.

Roitfeld said to Vogue Paris:
"I was not the best stylist when I worked for fifteen years for French Elle, but certainly when I met Mario Testino something happened. The right person for me at the right time"

After being in Vogue Paris for 10 years, the beautiful Carine worked as a stylist again: and for none other than the French household brand Chanel.

By 2011, Carine started her own magazine titled CR, and she said to the Vogue Paris:
 "I will always be irreverent in my own way, but I will try to use new approaches. I've used a lot of cigarettes, a lot of sexy pictures, a lot of naked girls. I will try to do something totally different now, because I don't want to get bored of myself or to bore my readers. So, if I learn something new today, I will use it. I have to reinvent myself"

The 58-year-old Tom Ford muse has an eccentric sense of style, and always is incredibly fashion forward.

CR Street Style

This year, CR has been chosen as the global fashion director for Harper's Bazaar, and she is even going to starr in a documentary  about her life: Mademoiselle C (check out the trailer below).

And, most importantly, CR isn't afraid to take fashion risks.

What do you think? Will you be checking out Mademoiselle C?
She has such an inspiring career!

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Friday, September 13, 2013

Gwyneth Paltrow and Stella McCartney

Stella McCartney and Gwyneth Paltrow are launching a small capsule collection for Gwyneth Paltrow's healthy lifestyle website: GOOP.

Paltrow's GOOP website, she said:

"I think of myself as a woman who is a lover of beautiful things, I'm very specific about my taste. The role I want in a partnership is curating a collection as opposed to taking a designer point of view. I can tweak a blazer and make it the perfect blazer. It's being able to fulfill what my ideal things ought to be."

The collection consists mostly all of the McCartney basics: black blazers and pants, grey jumpsuits and tons of stylish handbags.

The designer -Stella McCartney- spoke to WWD and said:
"I have quite a lot of admiration for her at so many levels and that's a big part of how I design, Her spirit and inner beauty as well as outer beauty are a big inspiration for me. I draw from that every day from all my friends."
What do you think?
I love the luxury basics of this collection. I think both women are incredibly stylish and I love their take on all of the basics.

Thank you for reading!