Wednesday, October 30, 2013

A Royal Fairytale

Kendra Spears is the all-American supermodel that rose to fame in 2008, when she took part in a MySpace and Ford Management competition-  and was quickly labeled as the next Cindy Crawford. This past September the gorgeous beauty changed her status from fashion royalty to actual royalty when she married a prince -the son of the Imam of Nizari Ismailism. 

The 25-year-old was originally from Seattle, Washington. And she later attended Portland State University where she obtained a degree in Sociology.

She started her career walking for household names as Christian Lacroix, Valentino, and Isaac Mizrahi

The couple got married at the family's castle in Geneva, Switzerland, in a muslim ceremony. And Kendra, now Princess Salwa Aga Khan, wore the most beautiful and detailled sari I have ever seen, by Manav Gangwani.

Kendra Spears is not the first supermodel to marry into the Aga Khan family, with Rita Hayworth, Sarah Croker-Poole and Kristin White being her predecessors.

A true fashion fairytale. What do you think of Kendra's beautiful Sari?
I was surprised to see that the new Princess is already gracing fashion shoots, she is the new face of the UK retailer: Next.

What do you think?

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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The Quintessential Fashion Shoot

The pop princess/fashionista/ River Island designer stunned the world with a spur-of-the-moment eccentric fashion shoot in Abu Dhabi.

 Although these fashion pictures sparked a controversy with several local officials, I loved them!

What do you think?

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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Marie Claire's It Girls

Marie Claire's latest issue features two young (and utterly successful might I add) actresses and fashionistas

Hailee Steinfeld was one of the two chosen ladies. By now everyone knows how stylish this young Oscar-nominee is,  and she looks absolutely stunning in Marie Claire's latest editorial.

Bella Heathcote also graced the pages of Marie Claire, with equally adorable pictures. The 20 something Australian actress rocked quirky-yet-chic looks.

What do you think?

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Saturday, October 26, 2013

Choupette Lagerfeld

Choupette Lagerfeld. 
Karl Lagerfeld's one and only heir: the two year-old cat that is already a fashion legend. Featured in several magazine covers, articles and even interviews, Choupette is a world-wide fashionista.

Under her own twitter bio (written by Karl Lagerfeld himself) she writes:

Choupette's jump to fame also rose after her first Vogue cover -although she had already appeared on the cover of Grazia.
The pampered Choupette posed with Linda Evangelista on June's German Vogue issue. The cat even has her own models.con page (click here to check it out).

Below, a picture of a V Magazine editorial, with the gorgeous Paris backdrop. 

What do you think of the utterly fabulous -and incredibly famous feline- Choupette?
Be sure to check out Choupette's twitter page and instagram.

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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The House of Versace & Barbie Birkin (for the avid procrastinator)

The House of Versace is the latest fashion flick to grace the small screen. Although a Lifetime movie (famous for their drama-filled/soap-opera films), the film mainly focuses on the brand's journey from a small family company to the household name that it is today. Also a crucial focus of the film is Donatella's life struggles (mainly with drugs, her family, the press and her brother's death) and her evolution as the head of the brand.

Click here to check out the trailer.

Another of my favorite pastimes has been the forever time-consuming Instagram.
My latest fashionista- follow(or so to put it) includes:

Follow the fabulous life of Barbie (yes, the doll we all grew up with), a sometimes satirical -yet always funny- account of all of her fashion encounters.

The description quotes the amazing Diana Vreeland:
"I loathe narcissism, but I approve of vanity." -Diana Vreeland

From Katy Perry to Kim Kardashian and Ricardo Tisci, Barbie Birkin has an incredible repertoire of fashionistas in her pictures. Click here to check it out!

Now, to procrastinate!

What are your favorite-funny instagram accounts?
Will you be watching The House of Versace?

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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The Olsens cover The Edit

The beautiful and always fashionable Olsen sisters cover the latest issue of Net-A-Porter's magazine: The Edit.
The fashion designers and all-over style icons opened up about their fashion line and their 27-years-in the spotlight.

As soon as you start reading the article, you are transported to the ultimate fashionista experience: The Row's September fashion show. 
The Row is a line that was born as a place for all classics -the perfect white t-shirt, the tailored black blazer, as the article describes it: "The quiet foundations of any outfit."

The Olsens found a niche and created the perfect brand to cover it: 
"We knew there wasn't another brand offering basics in a luxurious and contemporary way. If I wear certain designer brands, or too much of something, I look crazy, and I need something to break it up. If you are wearing a Chanel jacket and you need an anonymous piece that will show how special that jacket is, I hope that is what The Row gives you."

Mary-Kate also added:
"We were designing clothes for ourselves as we were so petite, So I think that is when we became obsessed with fit, and now the obsession has become a profession"

And Click here to check out previous issues of Net-A-Porter's The Edit.

What do you think of The Olsen's latest interview?
I loved to read about the origin of the amazing luxury brand that is The Row.

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Monday, October 14, 2013

on my way...

To all the amazing people that check in to my beloved La Dolce Moda: THANK YOU!

In a couple of hours I will be leaving for the beautiful beaches of Playa del Carmen...

But for the time being I leave you with an outstanding HBO-Vogue documentary 
entitled "The Editor's Eye."

The documentary features all of the fashion industry's biggest names: from Anna Wintour and Carine Roitfeld to Alber Elbaz, Vera Wang and Marc Jacobs.

The documentary showcases the crucial role that fashion editors have in the making of such a significant magazine, Vogue, and in the fashion industry itself.

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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Best Dressed: Style Watch

Seeing White
Emma Roberts looks absolutely radiant in a cropped Cushnie et Ochs. Next we have Naomi Campbell, Nicole Scherzinger and Charlize Theron

Black and White
Lucy Liu, Hailee Steinfeld (my favorite), Zoe Kravitz (in Chanel) and the DJ-fashionista Harley Viera Newton (in Kenzo).

Fabulous Pant suits
Firstly, the stylish young actress: Kiernan Shipka, looks perfect in an Armani ensemble. Hailee Steinfeld is next wearing printed pants and a cropped shirt. Iggy Azalea wears a retro pant suit, and Atlanta de Cadenet stuns in a black pant suit.

What do you think? Who do you think is the best dressed fashionistas?

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Saturday, October 12, 2013

The new wave of IT Girls

The latest wave of it girls are more than just pretty faces.

Harley Viera-Newton is a gorgeous American DJ and model. Born in the UK but raised in  LA, the stylish DJ studied in NYU and was signed by Elite Model management.

Harley has a beautiful corky and girly style, sometimes with a gorgeous bohemian twist.
This DJ has been signed by the ultimate music mogul Jay Z, a testament to her music talent.

Harley has also modeled for major fashion houses like Net-A-Porter, Hermes and Cole Haan.

Leigh Lezark is a 29 year-old brunette bombshell, DJ and model.  She grew up in New Jersey and eventually studied photography in New York.

Lezark is signed with the modeling agency IMG, and she has been the face of Chanel, Mango, DKNY and many other fashion houses.

Channeling her inner dominaitrix: Leigh always opts for an edgy black gown.

The third DJ-fashionista is Chelsea Leyland. Chelsea is a british DJ and model. Her DJ career started in 2010, at a Valentino event.

The New York City resident (and Rita Ora doppleganger) is always a go-to it girl, constantly seen seating front row at fashion events.

What do you think of this new wave of it girls? The DJ-Fashionistas-Models are gorgeous and incredibly talented. 
What do you think?

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Inspiration: Glamour

✩ ✧ ✦ G ✧ L ☬ A ✞ M ✦ ✧ ✩ Inspiration!

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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Diane von Furstenberg: a legend

Diane Von Furstenberg needs no further introduction, as I am sure everyone is familiar with her eponymous and legendary fashion line.

Although, people are not aware of her past, her history, how she became the legendary icon she is today...

Von Furstenberg was born in BelgiumThe epitome of a young independent woman, DvF attended the University of Geneva where she studied economics. Next, she moved to Paris and Italy, where she worked as an assistant for a fashion photographer and for a textile manufacturer

In 1969, Diane married Prince Egon of Furstenberg, a German prince of the House of Furstenberg. Officialy becoming Princess Diane zu Furstenberg.

DvF started her fashion business in 1970, she said: "The minute I knew I was about to be Egon's wife, I decided to have a career. I wanted to be someone of my own, and not just a plain little girl who got married beyond her desserts." She relaunched her line in 1997, 14 years after her marriage ended.

The American/Belgium designer is most famous for designing and creating the iconic wrap dress made of a stretchy fabric (usually cotton/jersey) and bright, colored patterns. Click here to read more about the iconic wrap dress on the met's museum site. 

The timeless icon. I've been listening to DvF interviews for the past three hours, and I just can't get enough of her! She reminds me a lot of my Italian grandmother, not only because of her glowing olive skin and light brown hair, but because of her straightforward and genuine nature. There is something about her that perfectly balances a 'no-nonsense' attitude but also that of a loving mother.

"The most important relationship in your life is the relationship you have with yourself. Because no matter what happens, you will always be with yourself."

Her beautiful designs are mere proof of how much DvF understands women: our bodies, our relationships with ourselves..

Just some of the DvF fans: Coco Rocha, SJP, Kate Upton, Rita Ora, Emma Roberts and Natalia Vodianova, all in fabulous DvF outfits.

I loved writing this post about Diane von Furstenberg. I learned so much about an extraordinary and timeless icon. A woman that truly understands other women. A woman that is full of wisdom and strength. And finally, a woman that exudes elegance and grace.

What do you think?
Are you marveled by DvF's amazing trajectory? The former princess that took over the big apple... I honestly would give anything to meet her, she is such an inspiring woman!

Thank you for reading!