Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Chanel Glamorizes everyday routines

All hail Chanel.
The fashion power house has once again managed to surprise us all with its latest fall/winter Paris fashion show.
This year, the fabulous Karl Lagerfeld orchestrated a faux supermarket -with everything from trolleys to non-perishables and cash registers. 
The models treaded down the supermarket aisles runway, embodying the dazzling and debonair housewives we are used to seeing in amc's Mad Men.
Although a raging feminist myself -hence I have a natural hatred for the portrayal of women in the 50s-, I loved the Chanel supermarket. Lagerfeld always finds a way to surprise us (remember last year's art gallery?), and this year was no different.

Moreover, Lagerfeld described his latest fashion show masterpiece as "un grand magasin" or a huge megastore. His attention to detail is also evident in all of the labels (all Chanel products) and every aspect of the show -including the signs and trolleys.

In an interview with the NY Times, Karl Lagerfeld said:

"Why a supermarket? It is something of today's life and even people who dress at Chanel go there- it's a modern statement for expensive things"

The atmosphere: rows and rows of supermarket non-perishables and perishables decked with the gorgeous CC logo. 
At the end of the show, fashionistas could take Chanel's fresh produce and candies.

The names of the products were a play of words with all things Chanel: 
from a can of tuna named "Delice de Gabrielle" to Cambon cheese (in honor of the Rue de Cambon, where she had her first shop).

And the collection was absolutely amazing!

Epitomizing a fashionable remake of Olivia Newton's Let's get physical (the pink jumpsuits), but of course with the undeniable Chanel glamour, largely due to the ever-present tweed.

Pearls, prints, leggings and sneakers. The collection was a hit everywhere, and it probably is one of my favorite Chanel collections.

What do you think?
Are you a fan of Lagerfeld's over the top fashion show-experiences?
What do you think of Chanel's new sporty collection?
I simply can't get enough of it..

Thank you for checking in!


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